POSUpdates – Week 1-2, July 2023

The latest updates from POSUP

POSUpdates – Week 1-2, July 2023

Moving Forward with Stock and Staff at Cutlery Works

With Cutlery Works‘ new move to Lightspeed K-Series, the preparations have been put in place to move the stock management, purchase ordering and staff management system over to Nory’s all-in-one system.

Currently, they’re still using Lightspeed Kounta for counting stock, submitting and receiving purchase orders, and managing in-house cocktail recipes to stock depletion. They’re also using Deputy for their staff management. With Nory, all of this will be under the same system, filtering sales through from K-Series to give the location an absolute definitive figure on all costs and income going in and out of the business. Very few systems have this holistic view at a glance, so will be a huge step forward for Cutlery Works.

For POSUP, this has involved working with Cutlery Works staff to port over all stock info, get the suppliers and pack sizes programmed, build the depletion recipes, alongside collating all the staff info to move over to the new system. The staff will be rolling the system out bit by bit, by doing a day-0 stock count, starting to run purchase orders through the system, and then finally bringing all the staff over to Nory too.

When Cutlery Works went live with Nory, vendors were later given access to their own dedicated section of Nory via a purpose-built system where the vendor’s sales were funnelled into their own location. Before that, we had to manually hand out reports to vendors ourselves, so this is a huge step forward!

Dabangg Group’s Stock Unification

When Dabangg Group (SakkuSamba, Estabulo, Fleur, Casa Peri Peri, Sakku) went live with Nory, the data was directly ported over from their old systems; MarketMan and Kounta. Some recipes and stock being stored in Kounta, and others in MarketMan. The lead to an unforeseen issue where a lot of duplicates of items were created across sites and brands, all named slightly differently. This lead to stock counts being tricky to navigate, and recipes pulling the wrong items’ information.

To solve this issue, we collaborated with both Dabangg’s top staff and Nory to come to a solution – to overwrite everything imported thus far to condense the items into single line items! We obtained the full lists of products ordered from each site, and collated a full list of products ordered for the entire group. This involved cross-checking across brands to see similar products, and unifying them to reduce the appearance of duplicates.

Nory has a brilliant feature, where you can name a single stock item, for instance “Red Onions”, and list different information for that item from different suppliers. Supplier A may sell red onions in boxes of 20 at £3.89, whilst Supplier B offers smaller cases of 6 onions for £1.19, but both of these items can be listed under a single name, which can be referenced in stock counts and depletion recipes. You can even add supplier-specific names, so that suppliers know the exact product they’ve ordered, instead of just seeing ‘red onions’ and not knowing which exact product the site is after.

Once the stock was overwritten, the group started seeing some useful data filter through the system. Things were a lot simpler for on-site staff as well, as they no longer had 7 versions of red onions to deliberate over, and only had one to select!