POSUpdates – Week 3-4, June 2023

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POSUpdates – Week 3-4, June 2023

Unifying Ordering Platforms at Cutlery Works

A huge hurdle to overcome at Cutlery Works was unifying their new ordering systems so that everything talked to each other effectively. Before this happened, vendors had to manage multiple menus across multiple platforms, which lead to mistakes being made, double work when menus needed to be updated, and a lot of customer confusion when offerings were different across platforms.

What this overhaul involved was:

  • making sure the POS system integrated well with Deliverect, and all the required info was present at the Deliverect end
  • All the vendor’s menus were laid out well, presented correctly, and made sense
  • These menus were pushed to the correct channels (Table app ordering platform and to Uber Eats for certain vendors
  • Differences in offerings between Uber Eats and the table ordering app were present, like price changes, changes in product descriptions, and changes in options offered on each product

Once this was completed, this made sure that the vendors never have to manage more than one menu, like they did before. If a menu was updated by us at the POS end, we could then oversee distribution to every single platform the vendors offer their products on.

The next issues to tackle are with features that previous systems used to have, such as timed categories and making sure printers print things in the correct way.

SakkuSamba Bradford Opening

Exciting times and a smooth opening for SakkuSamba Bradford! Staff were all trained effectively to manage the multiple systems in house, such as the tablet table ordering system, the POS system, music systems, and more!

Even with a last-minute unexpected switcheroo, where the downstairs area needed a full menu overhaul, we were able to quickly put together a fully-functioning cafe menu for them, including integrating this with their stock system!